What Sports Can You Bet Online in Singapore?

However, despite its well-known status, Singapore Totalisator Board, the country’s government-owned agency, really owns Singapore Pools. This has resulted in a duopoly between Singapore Pools and the other company that has been exempted from the Remote Gambling Act. In comparison to the international bookies on our list of Singapore’s finest bookmakers, Singapore Pools provides a significantly poorer and more limited offering, as most local punters are already aware.

In contrast to international betting platforms, Singapore Pool only enables punters to place bets on football, racing, and motorsports. In addition, odds offered by foreign bookies are much cheaper. If you’re looking for online sports betting in Singapore, an international betting service is likely to offer you more selections, greater pricing, and more features.

What Sports Can You Bet Online in Singapore
What Sports Can You Bet Online in Singapore

How Do I Place Online Sports Betting in Singapore?

However, Singaporean sports bettors are fortunate in that there are multiple land-based gambling businesses that are owned and managed directly by Singapore Pools. These establishments cater to the needs of avid bettors. Residents of Singapore and travellers from across the world flock to the city on a regular basis. Sportsbook betting in Singapore is similarly restricted to these outlets.

Illegal bookmakers are also available, but we don’t recommend them at all: ) If you’re going to wager on sports in Singapore, you need to know that it’s legal. The gaming rules in Singapore are quite severe. Bettors can also get betting experience in Singapore online betting in the form of a lottery or gambling on live horse racing through the Singapore Turf Club.

Many of the world’s biggest online bookmakers are not operating in Singapore because of the country’s severe anti-online betting regulations. There aren’t many online sportsbooks for Singaporean gamblers. A few notable online gambling sites examples include Don99, 12Play, Maxim99, and Me88. There are, however, a number of respectable Singapore live casinos that take bets from locals. These online casinos also provide other casino games such as live betting with top-notch customer support.

Good news: You don’t have to go to Singapore and search for anything if you want the best Singapore bookie. Moreover, you don’t have to go through several websites to discover the greatest betting markets with online sports betting Singapore’s best odds. As close to you as your computer is to the nearest bookies.

Types of Sports Betting Available in Singapore

What sports can you wager on at bookmakers? You’ll find out here! Please note that the finest Singaporean sports betting service allows its customers to place real money bets on any sport they want.

Cricket, basketball, baseball, golf, volleyball, badminton, cricket, darts, hockey, esports, and so on are some of the most popular games on betting websites. Only a small number of sports are available to wager on the Singapore betting website, and we’ve only included a handful of them.

Singaporean gamblers prefer to place bets on sports such as the following. This covers wagers on football, horse racing, and tennis. Regardless of whether you select one or several, it’s important to note that it’s entirely up to you.

Football Betting

It’s no surprise that every Singapore betting site provides users with the opportunity to place bets on the world’s most popular sport, football. There are some of it that is legal, and there are some that are not. Most of the money spent on international events goes to tournaments in the United States (as well as, the European level).

The UEFA Champions League, the Spanish Primera Division, LaLiga, the English Premier League, and many others are examples of high-level and prominent competitions. On Singapore’s premier online sports betting platform, players may place a wide range of wagers. Real money bets may be placed, such as wagering on a player to score or a side to win the first-half fight, are also available. Customers from Singapore can also place bets on handicaps at online betting companies via live streaming.

This is a more complex bet in which the gambler must predict the outcome of a championship or even a league by placing a wager on events. He’ll win if he’s correct in his guess. Since we discovered that football is the most popular sport in Singapore, you may place bets on it at a wide range of online bookmakers, including those from countries outside the country.

Horse Racing Betting

Among Singaporean gamblers, horse racing wagering is a popular pastime. Almost no one hasn’t heard of this sport or the possibility of wagering on it. As a result, Singapore’s renowned online horse racing betting service allows its users to place bets at any hour of the day or night.

You may place bets on horse races from all over the world (such as the United States and Europe but also from Asian and the Pacific, as well as from New Zealand and Australia and South Africa, for example). Online gambling companies that enable Singaporeans to place bets can also provide bets on such a fascinating sport, so keep that in mind.


For Singapore online betting, tennis is also a popular sport to wager on. Online betting sites provide a wide range of wagers that may be placed at any time of the day or night. Bookmakers are starting to take consumer wagers on major tennis events. The Wimbledon and Australian Open championships, as well as many other Grand Slam tournaments, are all open to wagering throughout their respective tournaments.

However, this type of wagering isn’t limited to major international sporting events. Bets are also placed throughout other regular competitions, including lower-level rounds and team tournaments, as well as at lower levels of play. You have complete freedom to wager on any sporting event of your choosing.

Get Started with Singapore Sports Betting Sites!

There are a wide variety of soccer betting choices and odds at the following sports betting sites for persons of all levels of experience. It’s simple to open an account and start betting. They also accept several payment methods such as bank transfer, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, debit cards, e-wallets, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, and others all in SGD currency. The site may offer you exclusive discounts and welcome bonus or free bets deals as a thank you for signing up.

The sports betting odds and payouts offered by online casinos, together with other useful data, might entice bettors to place wagers. Using the greatest information from foreign sportsbooks, you can make better betting judgments on any of the platforms.

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