What is Liquipedia? Why do eSporters need it?

ESports is massive. Tons of video games have their own eSports scene. Tens of thousands of professional players compete in large-scale tournaments. A large-scale event takes place almost every week. It is very difficult to keep track of all the video games, professional players, and large-scale events.

Fortunately for us gamers, we have liquipedia. Liquipedia is an online collection of information for eSports. It is created by the eSports community. Let’s dive deep into what liquipedia actually is and why is it so important to the eSports community.

What is Liquipedia
What is Liquipedia?

What is Liquipedia?

Liquipedia is a website that includes the information for all the top eSports video games. All the players that take part in tournaments for those video games, and all the large-scale tournaments. Liquipedia is the largest and the most accurate collection of information relating to eSports.

ESports Leagues Matches, and Tournaments

In eSports, there are several eSports organizers like ESL. An esports organization organizes large-scale championships and tournaments. Popular leagues and tournaments include ESL Pro League, PGL Major Antwerp 2022, ESL One, the Champions League, DPC SEA 2021/22 T1 (Div. IDiv. IIFinals), and Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). Information for all of them is available at liquipedia.

The best part of liquipedia is that it includes real-time information on the results of popular eSports tournaments. As soon as the results of certain tournaments are published, they are added to Liquipedia. Information for upcoming matches and upcoming events is also available at liquipedia. You can also get information on events that took place years ago like the International 2016, Dreamleague Season 10, or the Kiev Major.

Players, Teams, and Player Rosters

As we have already mentioned, there are thousands of players that play as professional eSports players. Liquipedia keeps track of all these players. On the liquipedia website, you can find information like what teams are competing in certain tournaments, their team ids, and their active rosters. You can find information for popular teams like evil geniuses, team empire, team secret, or team liquid.

Since the information on the liquipedia website is updated regularly, you can even find information on recent changes that are made with the teams like if there is a new team entering eSports, or if an existing team is getting a new coach or a completely new roster. The information also includes whether a team currently has temporary stand-ins and why the official roster is not available. If there are different roles that certain players prefer to play, like offlaner in Dota 2, that will be mentioned as well.

The Liquipedia Website

As soon as you load up the liquipedia website, you are greeted with the main page that includes popular eSports games like Dota 2, PUBG, Apex Legends, and King of Glory. You can click on whichever eSports game you like and get all the information you want.

Let’s say you clicked on Valorant. You will be taken to a new page. The main section of this page includes six icons for Teams, Transfers, Tournaments, Agents, Statistics, and Maps. Clicking on any one of these sections will take you to another page with even more in-depth information. For example, the maps section includes information like what agents are commonly selected on certain maps, etc.

On the new page for a particular game, you will also be able to see all the upcoming professional matches for Valorant. You will also be able to see the exact time they are about to start. As you scroll down, you will realize that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why eSporters Need Liquipedia?

Let’s say you are a football or basketball fan. You may like the NBA or FIFA. Or maybe you are really into college football or college basketball. Either way, if you are looking for any kind of information on professional players that you like, the first place that you will most likely go to is Wikipedia.

This analogy is not just applicable to sports. You can take almost anything, cars, history, science, or pottery, almost all information will be available on the wiki.

There is even information for eSports, like what tournaments have taken place and which teams were the winners of those tournaments. So it begs the question, why do we need Liquipedia. The thing is, the wiki is not a platform designed for gamers and eSporters. However, liquipedia is a platform that is both made by the eSports community and made for the eSports community.

What’s different about the liquipedia is that firstly, because it is designed for the eSports community, all the information is organized in a way that anyone interested in eSports can easily grab whatever information that is required. For example, if you are checking out a particular eSports team on the liquipedia website, the main page will tell you all the information including their history, current player roster, former roster, achievements, and recent matches. If you are an eSports fan and are looking for information on a particular eSports team that you like, you will surely appreciate the way everything is organized on liquipedia.

The second thing that makes liquipedia super useful is its live update feature. In other words, as matches are taking place between professional teams for tournaments, the results of the matches will be posted on the website as soon as the match ends. The website even lets its users know how long they will have to wait until the next match starts. Let’s say you are following a particular tournament but only care about matches with your favorite team. With liquipedia, you will know exactly when the match is about to start, and the results of all the previous matches that led up to this.

To sum this all up, liquipedia is a great resource for eSports fans. It has information on how a particular team has been performing over the years and what changes the team has gone through.

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