Top SG Sports Betting Sites For 2021

For beginners searching for the top websites to begin their betting journey, it will be a great pleasure to help you pick from the best sites in the Singapore gambling industry. Our detailed review will list the features that make these bookies outstand the rest and why you should pick them to bet on your favorites sport. Also, this goes for the experienced bettors who would love to change their gambling sites.

The football game is more than a mere sport in Singapore; watching the game live is one of the globe’s favorite hobbies. As football is the most popular sport around the world, bettors require to know the top bookie’s sites that they can access to bet on football. We will provide you with a wide variety of betting websites, and we will explain how we review and assess them before they make it to our list of the best betting sites in Singapore.

All the betting sites that we recommend are all licensed and regulated, meaning that you will be provided with the security that you deserve if you choose any one of them.

Sports Betting Sites

Events That Players Should Keep An Eye On When Placing Bets On Football

Football is the most popular sport across the globe, and many bettors like placing bets on it. Of all the sporting events offered at bookie sites, football should be the game to focus on. The premier league happens to be the home of the best players across the globe; besides that, it’s the most popular league worldwide. It’s the best league bettors like betting on as the best bookies offer great odds and multiple promotions that have helped this league gain a lot of popularity among players. If that wasn’t attracting enough, when the season of the premier league comes, bettors will be able to place bets on various games each week.

World cup

Regardless of the increasing popularity of football tournaments, they can’t come closer to the world cup. World cup only occurs after every four years, which implies that bettors can’t bet on it with any regularity. But, when the tournament season comes, bettors can anticipate seeing some of the most exciting bonuses and marketplaces from almost all the best bookies. Besides the betting marketplaces and bonuses, bettors will also be treated to the best football there is to offer through watching this tournament.

If you pick an online bookie website that features live streaming, you will be capable of watching the World Cup tournaments from your account as well.

Champions league

While the world cup is only for the international teams, the champions league is very different as it features domestic teams. Here, European best clubs gather, assemble and compete for the Prestigious Champions League reward. For some years now, we have seen the greatest players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi trying to take their team to the top. In this process, most people are forced to sit back and watch this stiff competition.

The champions league occurs once per year that begins with a robin round followed by an eventual knockout stage until a winner is found. Similar to other major sports on the list, Singapore bettors will find gambling bonuses when the champions league begins.

Euro championship

The euro championship takes place after every four years, and as the trophy’s name suggests, this is the place where the best international teams come to compete. The next sport will occur in 2021, and the good news is that the top bookies are already taking odds on the team that will take the title. You will find these odds in the future marketplace on any online bookies, and this is the best time to place bets.

How To Pick The Best Online Bookie Site And Get Started

There are many factors, which determine whether a betting site is the best option or not. We might list very many factors, but it’s up to the bettors to make their final decision depending on their tastes and preferences at the end of the day. The best online bookie offers everything a bettor would require and even offers new things to bet on. Below are some of the factors that we consider before we recommend a bookie to the punters;

  • We make sure that the online bookie offers a wide selection of marketplaces and sports to pick from. Multiple customers like when they are provided with many options so that they can change the sports they had picked and bet on something else in the future.
  • The online bookie must offer bettors top-notch security so that their data won’t be at any risk as many cybercriminals are trying to find data that they can use to access bettor’s bank account to rob their money. The saddest thing is that gamblers realize it when it’s already too late.
  • We also make sure that the popular gambling commissions license the bookmaker. This is to ensure that the game results won’t be interfered with, and when any issues arise, there will be laws to protect them.
  • The bookie must offer top-notch odds on both the in-play and pre-game marketplaces; after all, the greater the odds, the greater the payout.
  • The bookmaker must also have all the key features and must be simple to navigate.
  • Because live streaming has become increasingly popular, the best bookie must feature it to accommodate players that like making in-play bets.
  • Best withdrawal options are the key features in sports betting, so we must look at the number of marketplaces the feature can be used on.
  • Bet builders or request a bet are some of the slightly new features, and many bettors utilize them daily, so featuring them is a great plus.
  • Another unique features that might help are sportsbooks betting
  • The best bookie site must also provide generous promotions as these are the best features that most bettors lookout in a bookie. These are crucial as bonuses like free bets help the bettor try out different games before wagering for real money.

Pick A Football Betting Website

Instead of wasting lots of time trying to find the best online bookie to bet on, you can pick one from the ones that we have recommended on our website. As you have seen above, we review them before recommending them to ensure that they have all the features that bettors look out for. So, when you pick one from these, you will have a safe environment to place your bets on, and your money will be secure. We can say many things, but at the end of the day, it will up to you to pick an online bookie that fits your tastes and preferences. But, you should look out for some features like high odds, live streaming, and welcome bonuses.

Open A New Betting Account

Once you find an online bookmaker that suits your tastes and preferences, the next thing is to create a betting account. But before you are allowed to register or open an account in Singapore, you must be 18 years and above. If you are below that age, your account t won’t be approved until you reach the right age for gambling. When opening an account, you can’t lie about your age as you will be requested to fill in details such as an address, full names, date of birth, and contacts. Typically, the registration process takes at least five minutes to complete.

Make your 1st deposit

After your betting is approved, the next step will be depositing real money on your betting account. You can utilize multiple options to deposit funds on your account at the best online bookie sites. This usually includes prepaid cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and debit cards. However, these depositing options come with a minimum amount that ranges from $5 to $10 at the football betting websites; therefore, you don’t need to break the bank for you to start gambling!

Choose The Marketplace And Make Your Bet

At this point, you are now fully set to kick start your gambling journey. The first step is to bet on the football marketplace to pick football from the available sports on your favorite bookie; this opens up the games that are currently available and the new games. Bettors who don’t like waiting to make bets should opt for the live betting area to find their favorite marketplace.

Frequently Asked Question (Faqs)

How can I assess the quality of the available odds?

Once you find the right market that you would want to place a bet on, you will find the odds that are offered for the football and then compare them with other online bookie sites. If the odds you see with your provider are greater than that provided by the competitor, then you will be getting the best value from those odds.

Is the process of depositing money in my betting account simple?

Of course, yes. Nowadays, the best betting websites have multiple payment options, which you might utilize to deposit money onto your betting account. You can access them just by clicking the banking area on your bookie’s website.  

Where can I find the license of the football betting website?

 With the best online gambling websites in Singapore, the gambling license is normally placed at the bottom of the websites. But, on some websites, you will find the legal statuses on the terms and conditions. To make that license is valid, enter the number offered to see if it’s valid.

Can I bet on football using a mobile device?

Yes! If you create an account at the best online bookie websites, you will be able to bet on mobile as most of them feature football marketplaces on a mobile app. If the betting websites you have picked don’t feature a mobile app, you can still place bets from the mobile website.

How can I tell if the website has live streaming?

This is simple! Just find a play button that should be next to your favorite market. With this, you will be able to stream the event in real-time. Some websites even feature a dedicated section where they will be able to stream the game.

Do websites also offer withdrawal options for football bets?

Of course, they do. The other crucial information you can find is whether the bets you make are eligible for withdrawal by simply checking it at in-play bets. Here, you will be able to view how the bet is performing; if it performs well, you might be allowed to access the cash-out option.

Can I be allowed to place bets on live football?

Yes, you are allowed. You can also be allowed to predict the final results even in the middle of the game. This is the best thing about betting on football markets. If you can predict the final results while the game is at halftime, you will still get your winnings.

How much does it cost to stream football live?

It costs nothing! But, many online betting websites that offer football sports usually needed bettors to have some funds in their betting account to be allowed to use this service.


Singapore is full of online bookies whose primary goal is to provide the best services, and there are still others trying to scam them. The latter mainly targets the new bettors as they can’t tell the difference between a legit bookie and one that is not legit. But, this won’t be the case if they follow all the steps that we have provided in the sections above before they settle at a particular online bookie. The final and crucial thing is checking whether the online bookie is licensed and regulated to ensure that they will be betting in a safe environment.

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