The Hidden Mystery Behind Singapore Sports Betting

Singapore is one of the biggest places in the world for gambling, where the gamblers can only legally wager at only one place, which is called Singapore Pools. There the bettors can place bets at the physical location, or wager at the Singapore Pools online betting site.

All forms of gambling in Singapore are illegal, except for those operators who are authorized by the government to provide gambling services. But despite the illegal gambling status, sports betting is a very popular activity amongst Singaporean bettors.

In this article, we will focus on the hidden mystery behind the sports betting activities in Singapore and the bettors’ illegal gambling activities.

The Hidden Mystery Behind Singapore Sports Betting
The Hidden Mystery Behind Singapore Sports Betting

The Gambling Laws in Singapore

For decades, legal gambling in Singapore was limited to the Singapore Turf Club for horse racing and the Singapore Pools for lotteries. But in 2005, the Singaporean government gave permission for the construction of two resorts that will feature two casinos, which lead to legalizing casino gambling in those two land-based casinos.

With these actions, the Singaporean government aimed to boost the country’s tourism, which was facing some big competition from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Every single one of these destinations was extremely popular amongst gamblers.

In 2014, legislation that was titled the Remote Gambling Act was passed by the government which made all forms of online gambling, including sports betting, illegal in Singapore. Only those operators who are authorized by the government to offer gambling services are excluded from this legislation.

The bettors that are placing sporting bets outside the Singapore Pools will get a fine of up to $5,000 and a prison sentence of six months. But, despite these harsh penalties, many Singaporean bettors are willing to go under the radar and place a sporting bet on their favorite sport.

How to Place Sports Bets in Singapore?

Today, the only place where the bettors from Singapore can legally wager at a sportsbook is at some of the many Singapore Pools land-based gambling places or at their online gambling site. At this online betting site, the bettors won’t have a problem gambling on horse racing, football, toto, and a few other categories.

But there is another hidden way for bettors from Singapore to place online sports bets, which is by using a VPN. The bettors can turn on a VPN on their laptop or mobile device and access any illegal bookies that accept players from Singapore.

The Singaporean government is blocking its residents from accessing the most popular online betting sites in the world, but using a VPN allows the bettors to access and wager at any online betting site that they want.

Some bettors practice wagering from a coffee shop, as they fear that the Singapore police force might raid their homes for conducting illegal gambling activities. The Singaporean police are constantly on the lookout for illegal gambling activities, but the majority of bettors that are using VPNs are almost always slipping through the cracks.

Foreign online betting sites are familiar with the Singaporean hidden ways for online sports betting, which is why many of them are offering their services to them. Even reputable online betting sites are accepting bettors from Singapore where they can even deposit and receive their payouts in Singapore Dollars.

There are even international sportsbook sites that are offering the Singaporean bettors unique bonuses and promotions in their local currency. This is a very common practice in the sports betting industry, as it is the best way for attracting new bettors from specific countries.

Some online betting sites from abroad are offering bettors from Singapore to freely wager on the platform in their own native language, which is a big plus in this extremely competitive industry.

The punters that wager at these sports betting sites have a chance to bet on much more sports that are missing at the Singapore Pools. This local site specializes only in lotteries, horse racing, motto racing, and football betting.

Which Sports Are the Most Popular to Wager on in Singapore?

Regardless of whether the players from Singapore are following the law and wagering at the Singapore Pools online betting site, or they are following a riskier approach and are using a VPN to gain access at a reputable online betting site, they tend to place bets only on selected sports.


Football is by far the most popular sport in Singapore for the spectators and for the bettors that are placing football bets on their favorite teams and leagues. While football betting is usually available in the Singapore Premier League, many players are preferring to wager on some of the biggest football competitions from around the world.


Basketball is also a very popular sport in Singapore, where its national team is often showing some pretty decent performances in regional competitions. As for betting on basketball, the Singaporean bettors are massively placing bets on the biggest basketball competitions from all around the world.

By major basketball competitions, we of course mean the NBA in North America, as well as the European and Asian basketball leagues and tournaments.


Singapore might not be a leading power in the world of cricket, but this sport is quite popular in the country, especially if their national team is playing against Malaysia or other rivals from the region.

The online betting sites that welcome Singaporean players are offering them a chance to place bets on test matches, ODI play, the Cricket World Cup, as well domestic league matches from leagues such as the Indian Premier League.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is among the most popular sports in Singapore and the oldest sport on which the bettors are allowed to place bets. The Singapore Pools is the one and only sports betting place which is allowed to offer sports betting services to bettors that are willing to wager on horse racing.

Singaporeans have been wagering on horse races for decades and it was always a legal practice in the country.

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