Sports betting odds for legal sportsbooks in Singapore

Singapore is one of the South East Asia countries with considerable high sports betting participation rate. Every year, bettors in this country flock to local and foreign-based sportsbooks to place their bets on favorite sports. Nonetheless, legit foreign-based bookmakers account for a higher percentage of bets placed.

Ideally, only two platforms are legal to offer sports betting in Singapore per the gambling laws spelled by the remote gambling act of 2014. The Singapore Pools and the Singapore Turf Club. The former, otherwise known as SGP, is run under a government department, Singapore Totalisator Board. However, betting options are limited to football markets, motor racing, and lottery.

In the latter, the Singapore Turf Club, bettors can only place wagers on horse racing events at the country’s famed kranji track. Despite the legal limitation in online gambling, numerous bookies licensed in other Asian countries, Europe and North America fill the void through their borderless sports betting sites. These bookies leverage technology by offering iOS and Android Apps where you can enjoy live betting while on the go.

These great options include 1XBet, CMD368, 22 Bet, MelBet, and BK8. They not only cover popular sports but also offer a good range of different betting odds, as we outline below.

Sports betting odds for legal sportsbooks in Singapore
Sports betting odds for legal sportsbooks in Singapore

Fractional Odds

The fractional odds are common in Singaporean online betting sites. Some reviews refer to them as British odds as they are also popular in British sports, including the English premier league. Fractional odds in Singapore sports betting platforms come with a regular hyphen (-) or slash (/).

For instance, in a fractional odd with SGD 5/1, you win SGD 5 for every SGD 1 put into the stake, on top of your original bet (SGD 1). In simpler terms, fractional odds denote the ratio of the profit won to the initial bet amount. Our 5/1 listing means punters receive a profit of SGD 5 plus their initial bet of SGD 1, resulting in a total payout of SGD 6.

Therefore, if you bet and win with SGD 20 in a La Liga match pitting Barcelona and Atletico Madrid with a 5/1 listing, the possible payout is SGD 120 (SGD 100+ SGD 20). Usually, the expected payout in online bookmakers offering fractional odds in Singapore and beyond is calculated using this formula.

Total Payout = (Stake x (Numerator/Denominator) + Stake.

Decimal Odds

Singapore’s online sportsbooks will likely feature decimal odds in various betting markets. Their simplicity attracts millions of punters to leverage them. By looking at the decimal odds assigned to multiple teams, you can instantly tell which is an underdog or the favorite.

Decimals assigned represent the winnable amount for every cryptocurrency or unit of fiat currency put into the stake. The number with the decimal denotes the overall payout instead of the fractional listing profit if the bet wins. Therefore, the total payout is arrived at using this formula.

Total payout = Stake x decimal number.

E.g., In an NBA duel pitting Dallas Mavericks and Toronto Raptors, you could find the former assigned 3.5 odds while the latter has 2.2 odds. If you bet with 10 Singapore dollars on the Toronto Raptors to win and it emerges the winner, you take a payout of SGD 22. Similarly, if you successfully bet on Dallas Mavericks with 10 Singapore Dollars, the payout is SGD 35, implying a net profit of SGD 25.

From the figures in this sporting event scenario, we can see directly that Toronto Raptors are priced as the favorites. They have lesser odds, implying less risk but a relatively small payout. With Mavericks, the risk is high, but the payout is significant if you get your predictions correct.

Moneyline Odds

Although popular with US bookmakers, Moneyline odds are also standard in best-betting sites in Singapore. Typically, the sports market’s odds have a negative (-ve) sign attached to the favorite team. The negative figure indicates the amount you need to wager to win SGD 100. Underdogs, on the other hand, have a positive sign indicating the amount to be won for every SGD 100 staked. In both scenarios, bettors get a profit plus the initial amount wagered.

Interestingly, like other bets in Singapore, Moneyline bets can apply to esports. Lately, gambling sites have been offering markets for virtual sports betting opportunities where you can place bets on your best team and win incredible payouts. For instance, on the CMD368 website, you can place bets on Dota Pro Circuit China Division 1 and PGL Major Antwerp Europe.

With a Moneyline bet, team A could have odds of +500 while team B has odds of -700. The team’s +500 odds mean that it is an underdog. Therefore, you need to risk SGD 100 to win SGD 500. If team A pulls off the upset and wins the game, you get a total payout of SGD 600. Team B’s -700 means that the betting site provider assigns them the favorite tag. In this case, you need to bet SGD 700 to win SGD 100. If the bet is successful, the total payout is SGD 800.

Betting Types in Singapore

Betting types are closely related to betting odds to the extent that laypeople may confuse the two, differentiating the two needs a clear understanding of these betting types.

Moneyline bets

Under Moneyline sports bets in Singapore, you predict the outright winner of a specific match. When you place a Moneyline bet, you place it for that team to win. By extension, you can place this bet on your favorite team to win in a tournament before it starts.

Point Spread Bets

With this bet, bettors place bets on a team’s margin of victory instead of the final score.

Totals/ Under or Over

Totals bets enhance punters betting experience by letting them place bets on the total number of scores or points by both teams. For instance, in a Singapore league match pitting Tampines and Geylang, you can bet on totals of 2.5. Such a bet means both teams must score at least three goals for the bet to win.

Parlay Bets

In a parlay bet, you place wagers on multiple events. Every leg or bet must win for your parlay or accumulator bet to win.

Singapore Sports Betting Odds Summary

Singapore offers various forms of online gambling to residents and visitors. From casino games to sports betting, you will have access to friendly mobile apps and the best Singapore websites offering unique markets and the best odds. What makes your enjoyment even better is that you can fund your betting account with safe and trusted payment methods. You may use Visa and MasterCard debit cards, bank transfers, or convenient e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller.

Compellingly, as you leverage various odds, you also enjoy great bonuses. Online sites like BK8, Mega888, and CMD 368 are known for epic welcome bonuses on your first deposit, regular free bets, and other promo codes with friendly wagering requirements. Additionally, should you experience any difficulties while betting on a mobile device or desktop, you can contact customer support 24/7 across sites.

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