Singapore Online Sports Betting Explained

Currently, the government of Singapore doesn’t seem to change its stand on gambling. Even now, other government representatives are against other types of betting from taking place in the country. But, online gambling is relatively different. While Singaporean companies are banned from providing online betting services to Singaporean bettors, international gambling sites can. In our review, we will be discussing the most popular betting websites in Singapore.

Some of the sportsbooks in Singapore provide a wide selection of banking methods to punters- and we will elaborate more on these bookmakers. Also, we will take a glance at the leading sports that gamblers can bet on and will finish this review by showing punters how to make bets from their mobile devices.

Online Sports Betting Explained
Online Sports Betting Explained

How To Spot The Leading Sportsbook In Singapore

Punters searching for the leading gambling websites in Singapore should continue reading this review as we will guide them on how to spot the best gambling sites available for Singaporeans. Below, we will offer some tips that you can use to find the top bookies.

The first thing that we advise punters to check out before signing up at an online gambling site is the range of payment options and banking methods provided at the website. Nothing is irritating, like when you register at the bookmaker, and when you want to make your deposit, then you realize that the payment methods provided don’t suit your personal preferences. As a result, we strongly recommend gamblers take some time to determine which payment options are provided by the online bookmakers before they decide to register. This saves punters a lot of possible hassle in the future.

Once you have confirmed that the bookmaker that you want to join offers the type of payment option you are searching for, the next thing you will have to look out for is the betting marketplaces being provided. Thankfully, currently, almost all online bookmakers offer a comprehensive list of marketplaces. In general, we are no longer in that era where bookmakers used to offer sport-concentrated bookmakers. Although, it’s still wise to make sure that the bookie you choose provides a broad selection of marketplaces. Before joining any bookmaker, you will save you time that you might use hopping from one casino to another.

If you are searching for a quick and straightforward way of finding the leading sportsbook in Singapore, then you have come to the right place. In our informative review, you will get some of the top betting websites in Singapore. If you see a website that appeals to you, all that will be required of you is clicking on the link offered besides that betting website.

Banking Methods At The Best Bookmakers In Singapore

Singapore players are fortunate as they are provided with a vast majority of banking options at the leading betting sites that accept residents of this country. The most popular banking method provided is eNets run by 3 of the biggest banks in the country. This special system lets punters from Singapore deposits utilize major credit and debit cards, including JCB, AMEX, MasterCard, and visa. 

Punters that are unable to utilize credit and debit cards or finds it unwise to use them on online betting sites can use Sticpay. This type of e-wallet makes it super simple to deposit to your online betting account. It operates almost identical to Neteller and skrill, and it only takes 1 or 2 minutes to register. On the other hand, Neteller and skrill are also provided through the rate of de [positing money seems to be relatively worse compared to sticpay.

Look out for our comprehensive list of the leading websites in Singapore, and you will spot the top-rated websites that are available currently. If you find a website that appeals to you, all that will be needed is to click on the button next to the bookmaker’s name. This link will direct you to the bookie, where you will create a free account easily.  

Mobile Betting At Singapore Bookies

Almost all online bookies in Singapore currently provide mobile betting platforms. The best thing is that punters don’t have to install or download any software to start making bets from their tablet or phone.

Just visit the bookmaker’s website from your mobile browser; here, you will be instantly redirected to the mobile-customized version of the site. At this site, you will be allowed to open an account or log in; this process is very simple, fast, and hassle-free.

Reasons And Tips Of Gambling At Singapore Betting Websites

A survey showed that online gambling has become very popular among Singapore punters and most punters are 18 years of age. Online sports gambling has been growing in the past few years as the current betting sites offer more high-quality services than before. The leading online betting websites in Singapore, like 12Play, are growing every day; therefore, the increased popularity of sports betting isn’t shocking.

Even though most people make bets on sports on Singapore online bookmakers every day, there is still a good number that is very reluctant when it comes to online betting. They have their reasons, and some don’t even know what is offered by the online bookmakers. Following are some of the reasons why online sports betting has become increasingly popular currently. Let’s dive right in!

Why make bets on Singapore online bookmakers

Placing bets at online bookies in Singapore is more secure and safer

No punter can deny the fact that online betting in Singapore is safer compared to offline betting today. Multiple online Singapore bookmakers always develop their security systems and make sure that they operate on a secure platform. For instance, the 12Play online Singapore bookmaker works on an encrypted connection to ensure that Singapore players bet on a secure environment.

A wide selection of online betting games

Contrary to most land-based casinos, online betting sites in Singapore like 12Play provide a wide range of Singapore online betting games like live casino Singapore, esports betting, online sports betting, fishing games, online slots games, and 4D online betting. Right from basketball to football, 12Play online bookmaker in Singapore provides you with a wide selection of online games that players can make bets on. The wide variety of online games and sports allows Singaporean punters to pick their favorites freely, depending on their taste and preferences. Multiple online betting bookies websites are working around the clock to make sure they provide a particular version of the most classic online casino game, which will be fun to bet on and offer punters a thrilling experience. You can pick one of these popular online games and try your luck by placing bets on them.

The availability of free online games and sports on the best websites in Singapore

Almost 50% of punters gambling on the best online betting sites in Singapore don’t have enough experience. Some of them are just online bettors that want to try out online casino games and others want to look for rewards. For those betting for the first time, making bets in online bookmakers in Singapore might not be a simple process. To win huge at online betting websites in Singapore, practice is really important to succeed. Practice helps punters to boost their betting online techniques and skills. To help punters sharpen their skills, the leading online bookmakers in Singapore provide trial games on free mode. They provide online betting punters a chance to bet on online games without using their real money. Here, punters are allowed to bet on online casino games without risking their hard-earned money and take time to learn until they feel that they are ready to start gambling using real money.

Tips Players Can Use When Betting In Online Bookmakers In Singapore

Online sports betting offers the most profitable way of winning online casino games. There is a huge following for golf, tennis, baseball, rugby, cricket, football, and other online casino games. The best thing about placing bets on these online casino games is that you can win massive amounts of money. You can place bets on your favorite casino games or sporting events on an online bookmaker in Singapore, though before doing that, below are some of the things you require to do successfully.

Learn more about the casino games and sports

Players should have the right information about the games or sports they want to start to bet on. For example, suppose you want to begin placing bets on cricket. In that case, you will require in-depth knowledge of the involved players, games as well as a track record of their current form and the winning percentage. Making bets on online bookmakers without the required knowledge can make things go south. This can be so unfortunate for punters who were betting for real money.

Good thinking when placing bets on Singapore online bookmakers

Games such as cricket appeal to ball-by-ball betting that is greatly unpredictable. If you want to take bets on it, you will be required to have intuitive thinking or end up with huge losses. This type of betting is blind and impulsive, so you need excellent skills to win at it. Online sports betting in Singapore provides the best sports odds for the cricket game, and with good thinking, you can get a pretty good name.

Place bets on the best online bookmaker in Singapore

It’s so crucial that you pick the leading online bookmaker website in Singapore that will allow you to make bets on all the sports you want. The best online bookmakers in Singapore will provide the best sports odds and usually processes the wins you made without any delay. 12play is one of the leading bookmakers in Singapore that punters can join and make many bets on your favorite sports. It provides the greatest odds, largest casino bonuses, and cash perks for both the existing and new members.

Minimum age for gambling at the best online bookmakers in Singapore

The minimum age of gambling in Singapore differs depending on the online casino games offered. Currently, there is no exact minimum age for all betting actions in Singapore. But, in general, punters should be 18 years of age and above to make bets in the leading bookmakers in Singapore.

For example, one of the leading betting sites in Singapore, like 12play, lets players aged 18 years and above make bets on esports and online sports. To create an online account at Singapore bookmakers’ websites like 12play, punters must be 18 years and above to be allowed to join. If you attained this age, your request would be declined.


In Singapore, from 2014, there were no rules that regulated online gambling. In that specific year, the lawmakers in Singapore came up with regulations to ban all types of online gambling to reduce addiction. As a result, Singapore players are left with no choice but to look for services elsewhere. Currently, there are multiple international online betting sites that are accepting players from Singapore. Here, players will find a wide selection of sports and online casino games that punters can make bets on. To make sure that you join a safe and secure online sportsbook betting site, look at whether the site is licensed and regulated in their jurisdictions. By doing this, you will have laws to protect you in case some issues arise.

But in 2016, the government of Singapore relaxed the laws of gambling where they licensed just two offline casinos to offer service services to Singaporeans, including Singapore pools and Singapore Turf Club. But, the services and sports offered here are limited, and that’s why players opt to play at the best foreign sites. But, foreign betting sites that accept players from Singapore do it at their own risk as online gambling is banned in Singapore.

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