Singapore Horse Racing Strategy: Form Guide, Track Map, Tips & Results.

A Note On Singapore Horse racing strategy

Horse racing in Singapore isn’t glamorous, but it’s also not dull. It’s also more than just a matter of custom.

It is the only athletic event where you can place unlimited bets on thoroughbred racehorses rather than people. The Singapore Turf Club is in charge of all betting at Kranji, as well as the totalizer for races from Macau, Melbourne, Malaysia, Ireland, USA, New Zealand, Europe, Hong Kong, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, and, on rare occasions, Japan, Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. It is illegal to wager on horse races outside of the racetrack, yet it is claimed that many punters in Singapore take the risk of betting with illegal or internet bookies.

Singapore horse racing strategy Form Guide, Track Map, Tips Results
Singapore horse racing strategy Form Guide, Track Map, Tips Results

Singapore’s horse racing history

In Singapore, pony racing was a predecessor of horse racing, officially starting in 1842. The governor of Singapore at the time, Samuel George Bonham, gave a grant to the newly created Singapore Sporting Club to build a racetrack. The racecourse was established on the site of what is now Farrer Park.

In Kyrgyzstan, Kok-Boru is a horse game in which two riders compete to transport a calf carcass or goat into the opponent team’s former range. If a horse runs beyond the 5-day declaration period and wins, he or she is often awarded additional weight, which is known as a handicapping.

The Singapore Turf Club was renamed the Singapore Sporting Club in 1924. The racecourse was relocated to Bukit Timah in 1927. The Singapore Turf Club is presently under the control of the Singapore Totalisator Board, and racing is held in Kranji.

The Top 6 Horse Racing Betting Strategies

Horse racing and sports paved the way for the sports betting business to flourish. The sport has been around since 4500 BC when it was popular among Central Asian nomadic tribesmen who are said to be the first to domesticate horses. Since then, the sport has attracted a global following, increasing betting interest.

The appropriate horse racing tips can help bettors improve their odds of winning bets. Horse betting appears to be a simple task: pick a horse that you believe will be the first to cross the finish line. We’ll look at several efficient horse racing methods in this post.

Top strategy horse racing in Singapore

Do some research on your horses.

Apart from selecting relying on gut instinct, a thorough horse racing analysis is essential for making the best decision. Examine your racing form and level of competition.

Like the one used in football sports betting, a horse racing record shows you the horse’s performance throughout time. The form is quite useful in determining which horse to bet on. Compare the distance covered, the speed, and the most recent race results to those of the other horses in the race. The most recent racing results and the going, which determines the results, may offer you a perceived winning probability. The going refers to the condition of the horse racetrack, such as whether it is heavy, soft, or hard. Distinct tracks have different effects on how easy it is to move about.

Keep in mind that bigger races pay better.

Another important approach used by gamblers is focusing on major events. This is where the majority of gamblers congregate. Large markets offer better odds, making them a good starting point for newcomers. Several bookmakers offer special incentives that may benefit you during significant horse racing events.

Don’t get caught up in your favourite.

Horseracing is the most unpredictable of all sporting activities. Your favourite will not always win because it is up to the task. Your favourite will not always win. In sports betting tournaments such as football and basketball, many tipsters advise against betting on favourites. The race is highly unexpected, especially in light of the industry’s intriguing segments.

Keep track of your bets.

The best horse bettors keep meticulous records. Any information about your bets is crucial. This strategy is critical for analyzing your betting methods and determining what is not working for you. You can place more successful bets if you have a good betting record.

Make use of betting exchanges.

Betting exchanges are ideal for horse bets. A betting exchange gives you more options for placing winning bets. Betting against a horse has a much better chance of winning. Bet exchange supplies punters with betting platforms. For beginners, they are solely based on preset commissions.

Use the Dutch system to your advantage.

The most well-known horse betting approach is the ditching system. It is a skip mechanism utilized by mathematically inclined persons. This technique allows you to wager and win on a selection of horses while also allowing you to cash out at any time, regardless of the outcome.

Prize money for horse racing

As we enter the twenty-first century, there are several horse racing shows to look forward to. Pegasus World Cup, Triple Crown Series, and Breeders’ Cup. Our prize money is currently $62 million per year, which is likely the most important criterion for an owner when determining whether or not to participate in a race.

The amount of prize money won by jockeys is determined by a convoluted Rule of Racing that changes by race type and is based on how many places are rewarded. On the other hand, flat jockeys often receive roughly 8.5 percent of the advertised win award and 2.61 percent of the advertised place prize as a general rule.

In horse racing, what is a trifecta?

In horse or greyhound racing, a Trifecta wager refers to betting on the three horses you think will finish first, second, and third, in that order. You can win a lot of money if they finish in the correct order.

We provide the most thorough form guide & appraisal of each race for every meeting in Singapore, including:

  • The top four choices
  • Race analysis
  • Up to eight previous runs and barrier trials are allowed.
  • Trainer, jockey, and combo stats are all included in the statistics.
  • Observations of the feature race
  • All past TAB meeting runs have received video comments.


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