Singapore Horse Racing Results Explained.

Note on Singapore Horse Racing Results

Horse racing is a terrific opportunity to become involved with the local racing culture and have a good time if you’re new to the online sports betting Singapore scene. Singapore’s racecourses are known to be attended and have a terrific atmosphere and a fun and interesting activity for people.

If you’re considering betting on the races, keep in mind that betting at online and unlicensed bookmakers is against the law in Singapore.

Singapore Horse Racing Results Explained
Singapore Horse Racing Results Explained

Singapore Turf Club

The Singapore Turf Club is the country’s only horseracing club, and it’s a member of the Malayan Racing Association, which also controls three other clubs on the Malaysian side of the border. The club was founded in 1842 and is headquartered at the Singapore Racecourse in Kranji, directly across from Kranji MRT Station in the island’s east.

The Singapore Turf Club hosts race meetings regularly, usually weekly on weekends. There are about 100 meetings at the track each year, and anyone can watch or wager on the races. Horses are typically brought from New Zealand, Australia, and parts of Europe and then delivered to licensed trainers.

Bet Types of Horse Racing

Pari-mutuel betting is used to bet on the totalisator. After deducting the Goods and Services Tax and Singapore Pools’ commission, the remaining funds are distributed to the winners as dividends. When placing a wager on horse racing, there are several different bets to pick from.

  • Standard wagers: Classic win/place/show wagers have been around for millennia, and there is no more pure form of horse racing betting than these three classic bets. If you’re only interested in betting on one horse, your favorite, then try one of these bets. Typically, the minimum bet is $2.
  • Exotic Wagers: There are exotic bets in which two or more horses compete in one race or numerous races. Unlike win/place/show bets, there’s a bit of a challenge to hit them, but the rewards can be substantial. To boost your chances of winning, you can buy numerous tickets and combos.
  • Exacta Bet: The exacta is one of the oldest exotic bets, requiring you to pick the top two finishers in the precise sequence. The minimum wager amount varies every track, although it usually falls between $1 and $2. Try an exacta if you’ve mastered the art of win, place, and show wagering. An exacta is more difficult to win than a win, place, and show wager, but it pays out more. An exacta is a wager where you pick at least two horses to finish.
  • Trifecta Bet: The trifecta adds another element of difficulty by asking you to correctly order the top three finishers. Typically, the minimum stake is 50 cents. Try a trifecta if you’ve mastered the art of win, place, and show wagering. Because a trifecta is more difficult to predict than win, place, show bets, and exacta bets, it pays out more. To win the wager, these horses must finish first, second, and third in that same order.

Horse Racing Results

On the track, how they prepare and ride the equine athletes can make or break their prospects of winning as well as trainers and jockeys employed. All of the UK’s biggest bookmakers closely watch horse racing results for one simple reason. These factors have an impact on future race odds.

After winning a race, a horse may be promoted to a higher level of competition. They may be one to keep onside for next time if they run well in the loss. As a result, it is critical to keep track of horse racing results. It’s merely a question of whether it can be taken literally. Was it a stroke of luck for a horse to win? It may have been if a competitor hadn’t been able to get a clear run on the chasing group until it was too late. Horses can always be graded on how strong they are at the finish line. When it comes to pricing up markets, the finest betting sites frequently do so.

Race results will always show you at least the winner, depending on the number of competitors. An official result displays first and second place if five, six, or seven horses are competing. When there are eight or more, the first, second, and third are displayed. The Starting Prices (SPs) of the horses in the money are included in the results. Getting the Best Odds Guaranteed, which offers you this if the odds are higher than those you took, is always beneficial when betting on the races. Here you may find the most recent and previous horse racing results.

Race Card

Reading a race card at the track or on horse racing betting sites can be challenging at first. It’s different after you get to grips with it and comprehend everything. The number of race days since the horse’s last race is displayed on detailed racecards. It’s also possible to see the current or expected betting odds. It will help you to see what the market thinks of their possibilities.

Macau, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Ireland, the United States, Melbourne, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Australia, and, in rare instances, Japan, Korea, and the United Arab Emirates are all covered in the race card.


Which race in Singapore has the most money on offer?

The Group 1 Kranji Mile and the Group 1 Singapore Gold Cup both have prize money of S$1 million, making them Singapore’s two most valuable races of the year.

When does the racing season in Singapore end?

At the end of January, the Singapore racing season ends.

What does the term “Triple Crown” mean?

In American horse racing, the Triple Crown is awarded to a three-year-old Thoroughbred that wins the Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and Kentucky Derby all in the same season.


It concludes our Singapore horse racing guide. We’ve covered everything from important phrases to events, racing form, results, and cards on this page. You may make all of your friends jealous by knowing more than the average individual about this popular sport worldwide.

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