How to read Singapore Pools sports football results and past odds?

With a population of +5.7 million, Singapore is a top sports betting capital in Asia. Recent studies have shown an increasing embrace of sports betting, especially football. Various sporting leagues like the English premier league with top-flight teams like Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City attract millions of bettors. Even the Singapore domestic premier league has multiple match-day events on which punters place their wagers.

While Singapore gambling fans fancy their live sports betting experience, the government imposes limitive bans on sports betting. The passage of the 2014 interactive gambling act, for instance, limited the number of online sports betting sites to only two.

The two domestic legal bookmakers are; The Singapore Pools, which the government’s Singapore Totalisator Board owns. They offer betting services through many physical outlets and their website. Nonetheless, betting on these platforms is limited to Formula 1 racing and soccer. The second option is the Singapore Turf Club which exclusively offers horse racing betting on the state’s exclusive track, kranji. However, several offshore sportsbooks have creative ways to reach the market despite the ban.

As we have noted, Singapore Pools is among the legit bookies in Singapore. Should you wish to get started with the site, here is a guide on leveraging past odds and match results to make the best of your wagers.

How to read Singapore Pools sports football results and past odds
How to read Singapore Pools sports football results and past odds

Singapore Pools Football Betting

Singapore pools bookmaker covers a range of football betting options. When you click on the sports section on the website, you access different football leagues with attractive odds. The top ones include the Dutch cup 2022, the Italian cup, the English premier league, the German league, Uefa Champions League, the Japanese League, and the Spanish league, to mention just a few.

The website highlights the upcoming fixtures alongside respective team odds. Depending on your team selection, you can place various bets. For instance, you can set the Moneyline bets on a full-time match score in which you place your wagers on the outright match-winner. The site also offers various props such as betting on the halftime scoreline, total goals in a match, or the next player to score.

Other popular bets in Singapore pools include the soccer betting parlays in which you pool many bets together and place a wager on a bigger aggregate odd. Singapore pools account also supports betting while on the go. The mobile-optimized website allows punters to bet on live scores as the game progresses. Lately, live sports betting is among the most fancied types. Punters place bets basing their predictions on live events of the game. In-game betting on Singapore pools gets better with the site’s live score feature, where you can follow all updates on your interface in real-time. Clicking the section takes you to ongoing matches and the ones about to kick off across leagues. It also reveals the various match odds, including the changing match-winning probabilities given the developments and events in the game.

Past Football Results and Odds

Singapore Pools have a friendly part on their website where you can check past results. Ideally, past results help you get a clearer picture of teams’ performance. They give you a hint of whether the football match odds are worth investing in. The section has various filters to help you quickly search the team’s results you want to bet on.

The competition filter gives you access to past results in different competitions like world cup qualifiers, AFF Championship, Australian League, Singapore Cup, Singapore League, Asian Cup Qualifiers, etc. The list featuring all competitions is alphabetically arranged for easier retrieval. You will realize the next item, the dates section, with a drop-down search option. When researching the past results, you can manually key in the match dates, and the results will pop up on your interface. Interestingly, this page reveals the specific football match alongside results as you navigate the results page, highlighting the halftime scoreline and full-time scores.

The site invites you to place soccer odds with an informed mind with such information. The various type of bets you can place on Singapore Pools may come in different forms, as we note below. Nonetheless, it is common knowledge even though other odds formulations yield different payouts; the betting concept is significantly the same.

Decima Odds

Many football odds are expressed in decimals. Decimals in live betting or pre-match online betting on the Sg Pools is a convenient way of expressing probability in sports betting. Providers like using them as they are relatively easy to understand. For instance, in a premier league pitting Westham and Leicester city, Westham could be assigned odds of 2.5 and Leicester 3.2, while a draw mostly denoted by X might get 5.0. These odds imply that you will win SGD 25 for every SGD10 wagered if your pick for Westham to win turns correct.

Fractional Odds

Sometimes you may get your betting odds expressed in a fraction. You may find odds of 5/1 attached to your team. This fractional expression means you win SGD 5 for every SGD wagered on top of getting your 1 SGD back. The profit won from your initial bet means that you receive SGD 1 plus SGD 5. The total payout if your bet wins SGD 6. If you place a bet of SGD 10 in such a case, you will receive SGD 50 plus SGD 10 (initial bet), resulting in an overall win of SGD 60.

Summarily, winnings in fractional odds are calculated as follows.

Total Payout = (Stake x (Numerator/Denominator)+ Stake.

Asian Handicap Odds

Asian Handicap is a way of determining betting odds in with Asian roots. You might get such odds in the Singapore pools and wonder. It is an exclusive football betting type where respective teams are handicapped depending on their strengths. The stronger team must win by a more significant margin if a bettor is to win stakes place on it. The Handicap starts from 1/4 goal and increases with a quarter or half-goal intervals. The most notable difference from other betting odds is that Asian Handicap reduces the possible outcomes from the typical three in 1X2 odds to two. The reduction is because tit eliminated the X or draw possibility.

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