How To Master Esports Betting? – The Ultimate Guide

If you ever have a history of gambling on your track record and you don’t try your luck at Esports? Are you a gambler actually? The Esports industry is something that has taken the world by storm, and it’s very much on the edge of becoming a culturally embedded norm in the sports betting world!

That being said, if you have no idea about how to get into Esports Betting, we’re here to help you get started by giving you all the necessary information to start from the beginners’ level and how to bet on esports for esports bettors. Make sure you follow till the end because we’re going to drop some sure-shot tips to help you prevail at real-time wagering on sportsbooks for esports competitions.

How to master esports betting: The ultimate guide.

Esports – A New Face of The Sporting World?

Esports stands for electronic sports, is a type of competitive gaming utilizing video games. During COVID-19, when all of us were stuck at home and there was near to no sporting action happening around the world, Online esports gameplay kept us going! And even prior to the Pandemic, it already emerged as something which is here to stay for decades with us. While it’s still no comparison to the ground-reality sports, it’s definitely on the massive boom of popularity and acceptance around the cultures in the whole world! Today, there are proper Betting Markets for you to explore and professional bettors to compete! However, to bet on esports competitions, consider this article a necessity. We move!

Esports Betting – The Basics

As Esports markets are getting stupendous attention, millions of people tune in to watch their favorite Pro-gamers in action behind the consoles in different gaming niches. There are professional organizations in place that regulate the industry, from lucrative sponsorship deals to bookmakers placing bets on the most-awaited and thrilling contests around the Esports world.

Let’s put it simply, you navigate through your favorite games that are competitively streamed, then you bet on their outcome with the bookmakers; bookies, and betting sites which you can find in abundance on the internet. Yup, it’s that simple!

By the end of 2021, the Esports Betting industry had already gathered around the financial activity of billions of dollars in terms of wagering bets. That’s no small potential.

Since now you know the basics, let’s get into details on the esports betting guide, betting options, and betting strategy. It is important to know where and how you can get started and place your first Esports Bet on the esports matches and esports tournaments! Here’s your beginner’s guide.

Where And Why to Bet?

The two questions being asked here, beg for detailed answers! We will present you with 2 points which will clear your ‘Wheres’ and ‘Whys’. Let’s get right into it.

The Best Games:

First things first, there are hundreds of games available to choose from, whether they are sports games, first-person shooting games, or Card games, there are literally numerous options to choose from. At this point, you have to ask your heart and go for the games you’re most passionate about. At the end of the day, your insights and knowledge of the game you’re betting on will come in handy. Moreover, here are some of the best games in the Esports Betting industry, so you can have an idea:


It won’t be wrong if we state this one as the best Esports game in business today! Really great if you’re into shooting games. Follow close the tournaments and events happening around CS:GO.


A great choice for Battle Arena Game lovers. Undoubtedly League of legends is immensely popular among Esports Enthusiasts.


Who doesn’t know FIFA? Probably the greatest ever sports game in business with jaw-dropping reality-like action! A sports fan? You’re made for FIFA!


In recent years, Royale Battle games are in great demand, while PUBG and Fortnite have absolute domination in the niche. People go crazy for competitive matches of these games!


Dota 2 is one of the top esports for multiplayer. It has become the most in-demand and popular esports game in business today! Another game based on Battle Arena format, with an audience of millions around the world! The International 2021 is the concluding tournament of the Dota Pro Circuit.

Starcraft II

Starcraft II is a sci-fi real-time strategy video game. It features the return of the three species. For betting on Starcraft II you have many pro leagues such as the ESL, GSL, and numerous little-known tournaments.

The Best Market?

That should give you a decent idea of which games you might want to jump into in terms of Esports Betting. The next step is to wisely choose the bookmaker, a site where you can safely place your bets with real money at stake. Remember, there is always a high probability of getting scammed on the Internet World of Hackers and Viruses is always in the sneak peek of financial circles on the Internet.

Since we’re talking about a proper industry with a great number of professionals in it, Esports is becoming safer as we talk. Here are the best and safest sites you should opt for when it comes to Esports Betting:




We’re only talking about limited options here, there’s a sea of trusted betting sites out there. Just a bit of research and you’re set to safely place your Esports Bets on your favorite esports teams or sporting events!

Esports-Betting-Things to Keep In Mind:

Whenever there’s money involved, there are always cautions and protocols. Coming back to Esports Betting, here are a few insights that will surely help you stand out in your gambling career.  In the live betting world, there is always risk involved, but if you play by these tips and tricks, you can minimize the certainty of any south-sides as you move forward:

Know Where Your Heart Lies:

It’s always the best option when you follow your heart, it goes same for Bets in Esports. Always go for the games you know best and love dearly. It’s only the games we actually love which we know best about. Once again “Know Where Your Heart Lies”.

Follow The Socials:

These days, Social Media is the place where information flows. You have to be a geek of the social media presences of the Esports players you love, the teams you admire and the competitions you’re thrilled about. At the end of the day, it all comes down to information. Stay updated and you will know where and who you need to place the bet on!

Be Careful with Your Money:

Here comes the part where you need to pay the most attention. When it comes to gambling, there’s very thin line between having fun and getting addicted. Make sure you understand the betting odds and payouts provided by the betting sites. Remember to not throw away your money in the heat of the moment!

There’s more to it, many bookmaker sites will give you welcome bonus. In order to place bets in your popular games to kick start your esports career. Make sure to use that wisely. It’s all about the right moment!

Closing Sentences:

Well, you made it to the end. That was the quickest tour of all the basic information you need to get into Esports Betting. Remember, there are always greater implications of the information shared here. Make sure you do the fair share of research before getting started.

With that, we bid you good-bye, stay tuned for more!

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