FIFA World Cup


Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) exists to govern and develop football all around the world. In 2016, the organisation began to rapidly evolve into an institution that can offer better services and improvement to the game for the benefit of the entire world.

FIFA’s current mission is to modernise football so that it can be globally accessible and inclusive in all aspect. With the vision of globalising football, FIFA is in constant development to have at least 50 national teams and 50 clubs from all continents to compete at the highest level. The FIFA World Cup is now a reality to unite the world in one prestigious sporting tournament.


Modern football appeared in the 19th century which was coined in different terms according to each nation such as Gaelic Football and American Football. England is the first nation to commercialise football with the debut of the Football League which is the infamous English Premier League as we know today.

Few decades later, the FIFA World Cup (then named as Jules Rimet Trophy) was founded by then-FIFA president, Jules Rimet himself. The first FIFA World Cup tournament was played in Uruguay in 1930, with the host nation (Uruguay) being the first champion of the tournament. Since then, the tournament received spectacular response and it began to be held once every 4 years. The FIFA World Cup has become the world’s best sporting event in history after the Olympic Games.  

Due to the World War era, the FIFA World Cup has become a unity factor to bring the whole world under one sky to rejoice and enjoy the tournament together. It is a symbol of peace, harmony and thrill where 32 teams (countries) around the globe will compete for the world cup glory.

Fast forward today, football has the largest fan base in the word and has been one of the most lucrative and prolific careers in sports.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is scheduled to take place in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022.

In today’s world, there are satellite coverage all over the world with the help of internet technology and advanced broadcast system, which makes the FIFA World Cup virtually watchable across the globe. In the United States of America, you are able to watch every FIFA World Cup 2022 matches through FOX Sports channels. FOX has recently unveiled its comprehensive broadcast schedule of the tournament, and fans can stream every match live on the FOX Sports app.

In Singapore, Singtel, StarHub and Mediacorp come together to broadcast the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Singapore. Singaporeans can watch all 64 World Cup matches in Singtel TV, Singtel TV GO, CAST, StartHub TV, StartHub GO, and Mediacorp’s Toggle. It is a comprehensive broadcast system to give the best World Cup experience to the citizens of Singapore.

As for Malaysia, the All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator (Astro) is the main and only satellite television and internet protocol television (IPTV) provider in Malaysia. Astro will be broadcasting the complete 64 World Cup matches around the nation via their Astro FIFA World Cup 1 channel, a channel launched specifically to cover the full event of the tournament. The channel has covered past editions of the FIFA World Cup including Germany (2006), South Africa (2010), Brazil (2014) and Russia (2018) with tremendous success. Rest assured Malaysians, you have got your World Cup covered.

Besides those channels above, fans are able to watch the match through live-streaming services from the internet. Their legal aspect is questionable, hence, you may not be able to view them in high-quality HD. Also, everyone around the world can watch those matches with friends and strangers in a bar, local eatery, or any public places that broadcast the matches for the masses. It is a lot more fun to cheer your favourite teams with the people!

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The World Cup Qualifier matches are held in each continent which is Asia, Europe, North/Central/South America, the Caribbean, Oceania and Africa. This qualification rounds are done to select the top teams to represent each continent in the FIFA World Cup, which make up a total of 32 teams in the tournament.

In 2013, former FIFA President, Sepp Blatter has expanded the Finals format to 48 teams to include nations from the Caribbean continent. The world will see the new format being implemented in 2026.

Once the selected teams from each continent has qualified for the finals in accordance to the current format, the teams will be divided into 8 groups with four teams each. Each group will have teams from different continent, and one group is not allowed to have more than 2 teams from the same continent.

After the group stage round-robin matches, the leading two teams will go through the next stage; the knockout stage. The stage consists of round-of-16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, third place playoff and lastly the Final stage where it determines who will be crowned the World Cup champion.

Here are some major tips for you to digest before betting on the World Cup:

Big Names May Not be the Best Bet

Although big names often pose a higher chance of winning your bets, there are more handicap and disadvantages when you only bet on big names. Sure, teams like France, Brazil, Germany, Spain, etc has always been the favourites to reach the finals, but there are times when the players performance may not be the same like it used to be years back. The teams may have lost star-studded players or only having inexperienced players in the squad roster. Big names may lose unexpectedly like Spain being kicked out from the group stage or Brazil being trashed by Germany, and this will give you a big lost from your wallet.

Stay Updated on World Rankings

Keep yourself updated with the world ranking of the teams. There are reasons why some teams have rose in their ranking and some have dropped. This is an indication of their performance in the recent years which could help you decide the ideal bet to make.

Don’t Bet too Hard too Early

You may be excited to place your bet but keep your excitement in check as to not waste your bankroll in the group stages. Pace yourself and plan your bets, for betting in the knockout stage is a lot more lucrative. Analyse the teams and predict the possible outcomes of each upcoming matches and place your best wager to win!

Live Bets are Advantageous

Live bets let you place wagers while a game is still going on. This is an exciting and advantageous bet as you can analyse the game and bet according to your advantage. Live bets can help you win back losses that you have made from previous bets. This is a bet that can save your bankroll.

Weather Plays a Big Role

The weather can heavily effect a team’s performance. If it is on a hot sunny day, the humidity will make the players lose their stamina and endurance faster. If it is played on a wet and rainy day, scoring will be more difficult. If it is on a freezing winter and snowing, it will disrupt the vision of the players and they may risk having hypothermia.

Do not Underestimate the Underdogs

It is not only the big names that will win the World Cup, there may be unexpected upsets caused by lesser teams. Although the chances of winning when you bet on an underdog is lesser, the payout is definitely way higher if they win or meet your betting criteria. So, look out for those valuable underdogs in the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Future Bets are Risky

Future bets can be very rewarding, but it comes with a huge risk. You have to know that most of the national teams do not spend much time playing alongside one another. Also, in a span of 4 years, anything can change for the better or worse. There is no exact information on how a team will perform until the tournament commences. It is a high risk to take, but a rewarding one indeed.