Comprehensive Guide to Help You Find the Best Singapore Sports Betting in 2022

You may be turned off by Singapore’s tight gambling laws, but don’t let that discourage you. If you live in the nation, or even if you’re just visiting, you’ll find that betting on sporting events is a simple process. Even better, there is a slew of reputable online sportsbooks ready to accept your bets.

Comprehensive Guide to Help You Find the Best Singapore Sports Betting in 2022
Comprehensive Guide to Help You Find the Best Singapore Sports Betting in 2022

Sports For Singapore Punters to Place Their Bets On

Sporting events in Singapore, a neighbouring country to Malaysia, are becoming more popular with a wide variety of followers. It is thus imperative that athletic events from throughout the globe be covered by sports betting websites. Here are a few examples of Singapore’s most popular sports markets:


By a wide margin, football is Singapore’s most popular betting market, as it is in many other nations across the globe. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that online sportsbooks provide a wide range of betting options for fans of football.

All major local, continental, and international football tournaments are available for wagering at reputable bookmakers. If you’re looking to gamble on lower-league games, you should be able to do so both before and during the contest.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is Singapore’s second-most popular wagering market, as it is in other nations. Even if licencing for the sport of kings is more difficult than for other sports, there are still several offshore bookmakers who allow you to gamble on it.

However, be important to verify if a particular brand covers the nations or events you want to bet on before placing your bets.’ You should also check to see whether each-way wagers are available, in addition to the standard race-winner choices.


In addition to basketball, numerous nations, including Singapore, provide betting opportunities on the sport. You may bet on the NBA and other tournaments like EuroBasket with the great majority of companies.

Pre-match, live, and outright bets should all be supported by your chosen bookmaker. Basketball is a great sport for all three, and each one has a unique mix of risk and reward.


Golf is well-represented on Singapore’s sports betting platforms as well. Even if there isn’t as much diversity in bet kinds here as there is in football, for example, there’s still a reasonable quantity of options for bettors. Golf is an excellent in-play betting market for novices because of its relatively sluggish pace.


Sporting events are one of Singapore’s most popular pastimes and are covered by the great majority of the best sports betting websites. These choices will be restricted in scope but they will cover a broad variety of contests throughout the globe and a large number of disciplines, so there is a good chance you’ll find something that interests you.


One of Singapore’s rising sports is cricket. The men’s national squad is currently placed in the top 20 in T20 cricket, with Test and ODI matches also taking place. Cricket markets are available at all of our recommended betting sites, including top batters, total runs, manner of dismissal, and even winning the toss.


Several Singaporean badminton players have won medals at major international tournaments. For this reason, it is very popular with both players and bettors alike. Online bookies are increasingly offering bets on badminton. Match winner, game-winner, handicap, and the correct score are all common bets on the betting site.

Finding the Best Sports Betting Odds in Singapore

As a result, many bettors believe that betting odds are based solely on chance. Although this is a crucial effect, there are also a few additional variables at play.

In the first place, a bookie’s rivals’ pricing is taken into consideration. If the bookmaker’s odds vary greatly from the market’s, it may avoid having a large number of bettors rush into the market and risking a huge loss. In the second scenario, a bookie may alter its odds in order to encourage customers to place bets. There are two possible explanations for this: Either there is too much money going to one side of the market, or the market isn’t receiving enough attention.

In any case, bookmakers’ methods of calculating odds are a mix of science and art. As a result, betting sites have such wide ranges of pricing. Many bookmakers’ odds are guaranteed to be competitive. However, if you’d rather create your own brand, this is something you’ll need to investigate.

To achieve this, focus on a few niches within your selected brand’s target audience. Check out some of our recommended bookmakers and compare their costs to these. Continue your research into the new brand if they’re about the same or even better. However, if the price is much lower, you should instantly discard that brand and search elsewhere.

In Singapore, How Can You Choose the Best Online Sports Betting Site?

When it comes to choosing a Singaporean betting site, gamblers should take their time and do their research. However, it may be difficult to distinguish between online bookies, since they can seem to be extremely similar in appearance, especially the most popular SGD betting site, Singapore Pools.

Because of this, there are a lot of ways to identify the greatest from the rest of the pack. Follow these procedures before joining up if you’re interested in online soccer betting or any other sport.

Check Reviews

Today, it is easy to get evaluations of bookmakers on the internet. These sections provide an in-depth look at many operators. Everything from markets and odds to bonuses and payouts may be found here. As a result, customer evaluations are an excellent resource for individuals who want to get a sense of how a certain bookmaker functions quickly.

Observe What’s Going On

When it comes to betting sites, there is no “trial before purchase” option as there is at online casinos that provide games like Roulette and Blackjack. However, nothing prevents bettors from accessing a sportsbook and looking over the markets and amenities on offer. Prospective buyers will be able to see firsthand how simple it is to use.

Recommendations from Customers

In many cases, client feedback may be the most insightful. However, even if most people’s comments are unfavourable, it’s still worth investigating. You may look through the payment methods accepted such as cryptocurrency, e-wallet, Skrill, bank transfer, credit cards, debit cards, Neteller, or other real money payment options. There is no justification for not taking this step now since feedback is easily accessible online.


Our recommendation is never to open an account with a bookmaker that isn’t regulated by an established body. Doing so increases the likelihood that you will be the victim of fraud. All of the betting sites we suggest are safe, secure, and free of scams.

Promotions and Bonuses

Make sure to take advantage of bookmaker incentives. Free bets, price increases, and insurance offerings may be very beneficial to both new and current clients. Try to get a welcome bonus whenever you open a betting account on the best betting sites available to you.


When comparing Singaporean betting sites, best odds are an essential consideration. This approach is made simple by odds comparison websites. The price of winning bets will have an influence on your winnings. As a consequence, in the long term, this is more significant than a sign-on incentive. You should view more online betting sites offer the best betting experience in casino games as well as formats of betting in the online bookmakers.


Explore the markets available at various bookmakers. By doing this, you can be confident that you’re signing up for the website that best suits your requirements. Pre-match, live, and outright markets should be available for each sporting event, whether it is horse racing, basketball, or badminton.

Ending Words

In Singapore, online gambling is illegal, but don’t let that deter you from doing so. Creating an account, funding it, and making bets are all simple processes. Additionally, you may choose from a wide variety of top-notch sports betting sites. Feel free to research a mobile app that features online betting and live streaming. Often these apps are available for Android and iOS devices too.

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