Betting on the World’s Most Important Football Competitions: FIFA World Cup 2022

With so many diverse footballing cultures and abilities converging on Qatar in 2022, we’ll be in for quite a show when the World Cup comes to a close in 2022. To be contested in British Winter Time and with only 32 teams, this World Cup will be an event, unlike anything we have ever seen before or will see again until 2026 and beyond. In order to reach the next World Cup finals, anticipate thrilling matches between football giants such as the defending champions France and five-time champions Brazil, as well as relative unknowns like Canada and Qatar’s hosts.

Betting on the World's Most Important Football Competitions: FIFA World Cup 2022
Betting on the World’s Most Important Football Competitions: FIFA World Cup 2022

Betting Options for the World Cup in 2022

It’s possible to make money by watching games in which one of the conventional favourites takes on a lesser country. There will not be a lot of money to be made by choosing a winner in this matchup, but those who dig a bit deeper may still uncover some decent deals.


The Over/Under Goals market is an excellent alternative if you’re having trouble predicting the final score. The World Cup may be somewhat simpler to anticipate than one of the main domestic leagues when it comes to an Over/Under bet since the difference in quality should allow bettors to find possibilities for significant score margins.


Keeping that in mind, the Corners Market is a good place to check out the odds when a team is an overwhelming favourite in a certain matchup. There is a greater likelihood of corners at the FIFA World Cup when a strong team is due to play a smaller side.

Best Player

You may start by looking at the team or teams you think are likely to go far in the FIFA World Cup and see if any of the team’s attackers are capable of scoring a lot of goals, which is a good place to start when it comes to choosing a Golden Boot winner.

The most important part of your research is figuring out which attackers are most likely to play for the top teams and how they’ll get there. That information will make it much simpler for you to choose a prospective Golden Boot winner, and you’ll have a better notion of who to endorse.

World Cup 2022 Betting Odds

Brazil +450

France +550

England +550

Spain +800

Argentina +900

Germany +1,100

Belgium +1,200

Portugal +1,200

Netherlands +1,200

Denmark +2,800

Croatia +5,000

Uruguay +5,000

Switzerland +8,000

Senegal +8,000

USA +10,000

Poland +12,500

Serbia +15,000

Ecuador +15,000

Mexico +15,000

Peru +20,000

Cameroon +20,000

Japan +25,000

Canada +25,000

Qatar +25,000

Morocco +25,000

Ukraine +25,000

South Korea +25,000

Saudi Arabia +25,000

Ghana +25,000

Wales +35,000

Tunisia +35,000

Iran +50,000

Australia +50,000

Scotland +50,000

Costa Rica +150,000

New Zealand +200,000

World Cup 2022 Favorites

Brazil (+450)

A star-studded supporting cast, led by Neymar and Vinicius Jr., makes Brazil the favourite to win the World Cup in 2022 and extend their record of five championship titles. Brazil has already won a place in the World Cup with an unbeaten performance in CONMEBOL qualification.

France, England (+550)

Despite being the defending World Cup champion, France is chasing Brazil at the top of the betting odds. There is no doubt that Les Bleus have the best players on the planet, despite their disastrous Euros performance, which saw them surrender a 3-1 lead with 10 minutes to go and lose to Switzerland in penalty kicks. However, they are anticipated to aggressively defend their championship in 2022. France had had a ticket to Qatar after winning their UEFA qualification group.

After losing on penalties to France in the Euro 2020 finals, England is tied with France in the World Cup odds. With a new crop of great attackers coming through the ranks, England should be expected to compete in future championships. They’ve already qualified for the World Cup, and they’ll bring a mix of experience and youth to the event in Qatar, having reached the semi-finals and finals of the last two big competitions.

Spain (+800)

The semifinalists for Euro 2020 A perennial powerhouse and a recent World Cup champion, Spain is hardly a surprise to see at the top of the odds (2010). With a squad consisting of La Liga colleagues, Spain hopes to give one of the most talented squads in the world a boost of cohesion.

Understanding FIFA World Cup Football Futures Betting

One of the most common ways to wager on the FIFA World Cup futures is to predict the overall winner, and odds are normally released shortly after the previous World Cup champion has been declared. Odds for the World Cup will change according to how nations and players do throughout the tournament. Additionally, sportsbooks may alter soccer odds depending on the amount of money they handle and the amount of liability they have with particular countries.

Futures odds are given in a list manner, with each option and its odds – most typically arranged from the best to the worst – in order of likelihood of winning. Futures odds for a team are often preceded by a plus (+) symbol, as in the example below:

·        France +500

If France wins the World Cup, you might earn $500 on a $100 wager. It is possible to see a nation with the “-” symbol (-) ahead of its odds when the World Cup gets closer to the finals or if one team has been very dominating.

·        Brazil -110

In order to win $100 on a Brazil World Cup triumph, you’d need to wager $110. The odds for the FIFA World Cup in the United States are shown above.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Betting Strategies

It’s always tough to predict the overall World Cup winner since the group stage is so unpredictable, but that’s true of every big athletic event. Group betting is available at several reputable online sportsbooks, and it enables bettors to predict which nations will advance from each group, as well as which countries will win the group.

Bettors should take into account each team’s current condition and how they fared in World Cup qualifying (or other events) prior to the tournament. One or two significant shocks occur early in every World Cup, so these choices may be preferable to focus on individual games. It becomes simpler to identify clear victors when a club that has gotten this far against all odds suddenly returns to form against an established force in international soccer as the campaign continues.

Betting on a team’s outright victory may be less risky now that the field is smaller and the strongest teams have demonstrated their worth. If you’d want to wager on both the nation winning the tournament and making it to the final, many bookmakers will provide “each-way” bets that enable you to do so. If you are still unable to identify an absolute winner, placing a bet using that approach may be the best option for you.

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