Best Sports Betting Sites In Singapore For 2022

The highly competitive sporting environment inspires commitment to service, innovation, development, and maintenance of great sports betting platforms, which hits the right notes. With a wide range of sports betting sites in Singapore to choose from, this opens doors for sports bettors to place real money bets at reputable sites.

One of the first things you should consider is whether the sports betting site you want to sign up with is worth your time. We’ll you find the right answer to that question right here. Keep reading to find out more about the top Singapore online betting sites for you.

Best Sports Betting Sites
Best Sports Betting Sites

The best thing about finding the top sportsbook for Singapore bettors comes down to what suits your betting needs and preferences. However, there are some standard items that almost every punter has at the top, like a superb selection of bonuses and a great betting platform.

When looking for the best sports betting sites, it’s always important to check into some of the most crucial aspects. Following are a few of the things every bettor should consider before they start betting:

  • A licensed sportsbook is a must if you don’t want to face any issues when trying to cash out your winnings. Also, you need to ensure you are betting on a safe platform. 
  • Best odds – You’ll find that there are some bookies whose odds are better than others. Stick to the sportsbook with the best odds to maximize your profits.
  • Promotions and bonuses –To attract more punters into their sites, bookies offer generous promotions and bonuses. These bonuses are the main thing that attracts many punters to a sports betting site. It’s better to sign up with a bookie that offers more extensive and better bonuses.
  • Loyalty programs- If you earn some extra cash for choosing to bet on a sportsbook, then this will be a great way to navigate around the bookie you’ve chosen. Most of the bookies offer special bonuses to their loyal punters.

Alternative Options To Sports Betting – Daily Fantasy Sports Singapore

For another great opportunity to make money as a sports bettor in Singapore, you should think about daily fantasy sports. The sports betting industry is fast growing with a loyal customer base, and there’s lots of room for new punters to get involved.

Daily fantasy sports sites offer different types of sports and other ways to bet. Bettors can take chances on the contests like the 50/50 that offer them the opportunity to almost double their free entry or even enter the guaranteed prize pool tournament.

Sports Betting Features And Apps

Sports betting apps offer players the luxury of placing real money bets while on the move. A wide range of sports betting sites has compatible mobile betting platforms. Those without the app for android or iOS in specific markets will have their entire website optimized to work seamlessly on mobile devices.

After you’ve opened an account using any of our links, you can download the app from the sports betting site. Once done, you have to log in from your mobile and get started.

How to find the best lines and odds

Before you start placing real money bets, it’s always good to take some time to ensure you’re getting the best prices available. The main difference between -55 and -50 may not sound much, but it can ultimately add up in the long term.

The best place to check prices in different spots painlessly and quickly is through our website. We carefully track the prices in other bookies, so our users don’t have to spend time doing so; you can rest assured that you’ll find the best odds. The best thing you can do to ensure you don’t miss out on anything is to book us.

Top NFL Sports Betting Sites

NFL is one of the most popular sports around the world. It attracts the biggest betting traffic; so many operators devote most of their time to this sport.

Top NBA betting sites

Pro basketball usually takes center stage in Singapore, and interests are still high with more people watching the games. The totals and spreads usually attract lots of attention here.

Top NHL betting sites

Many bettors are now interested in the NHL. The first period of betting usually has the most significant hits; they allow handicappers to zero in.

Line Shopping

It’s always important to ensure you get the best prices available on all your bets. Therefore, how do you ensure this always remains the case? The answer is to go line shopping.

In simple terms, this means you’ll be comparing the odds at different sportsbooks as you try to find the best odds available. For instance, checking other bookies on the NFL Moneyline for the best prices might reveal prices of -115, -125, and -120.

The first available option is the best deal; you might not even know it exists if you do not take the time to check out the general prices. Comparing these options is pretty straightforward.

Betting Props And Futures

Besides finding the best lines and odds, you might want to make sure that the bookie you choose to sign up with offers a wide variety of bets. Besides the common totals and sides, check out whether the bookie offers props and futures.

As the futures market continues growing along with legal Singapore betting online environment, it’s now time for you to expect the best from these books. With the futures bets, you can place bets on an outcome that won’t be known until the following season.

When choosing between different bookies, you shouldn’t be shy to put these things together to help find the best site.

Are Singapore Bookmakers Safe?

The legality of sports betting isn’t entirely clear in Singapore, but most punters can sign up with offshore betting sites and enjoy placing real money bets on their favorite sports events. 

Regulation of the gambling industry can be a challenging and tough, but it’s something that everyone will benefit from. The best thing about betting on a safe sportsbook is that you’ll know your money is always safe, and you can always expect your winnings. Your money will be safe and secure. Not to mention your personal information.

The story is different if you consider the unregulated black market as well as some offshore sportsbooks. 

Gambling isn’t yet legal in Singapore, but some strict laws have been put to regulate onshore betting. Besides betting on national sports events, online gambling activities are not allowed to operate. To be considered one of the best sports betting sites, a sportsbook should be licensed and regulated.

Gambling-related laws in Singapore include the Casino Control Act, the Private Lotteries Act, the Common Gaming Houses Act, and the Betting Act.

Singapore Gambling Legalization

Traditional real money gambling in Singapore has been considered a social activity, and this is expected to continue in the next few years. Beyond sports betting, horse racing, and land-based casinos, the state has been evaluating the increased demand for Internet gambling that might be more appealing to the innovative and young generation.

Different types of online gambling about horse racing, public lotteries, casino-style games, and sports events are generally not allowed in Singapore according to the Remote Gambling Act enacted back in 2014 unless the Home Affairs Ministry issues a certificate of exception the sportsbook operate. With the information provided in this paragraph, it’s evident that these acts and the reforms after that have made sports betting online legal in Singapore.

On the other hand, the Betting Act offers a legal guideline for common sports betting establishments, bookmakers, and betting in public. Also, the Common Gaming House Act provides the right regulation for public gaming, public lotteries, and gaming houses. Finally, the Private Lotteries Act focuses on the Casino Control Act, and the Private lotteries control regulated casinos operating in Singapore. Also, Singapore Totalisator Board carefully monitors and controls the betting activities undertaken by Singapore Pools. These are the laws that govern the online sports betting market in Singapore.

In this betting guide, we’ve listed the best betting sites in Singapore that hold valid licenses. Some of the legal Singapore betting sites are regulated by different government agencies, including Triplebet Limited, Fairload Ltd, and TechSolutions Group N.V. 

If you aren’t sure whether the sports betting site you want to join holds a valid license, you can check the license number. Stakeholders in the betting industry are looking for a body that can control this growing sector.

What Do The Best Singapore Online Betting Sites Offer?

When evaluating the best Singapore online sports betting sites, there are different factors that you should consider. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that are more important than others. Fortunately, these are the main areas we spend most of our time on.

Some of the areas include:

Lucrative bonuses

One of the main reasons you should try betting online is to claim the best and most generous offers available. Our team of betting experts looks for not only the biggest but worthwhile bonuses in Singapore. These bonuses will give you more money to bet with and extend your betting time, and regularly include other offers as well, such as guaranteed cashback or free bets.

Lots of betting markets

The best online sportsbooks allow you to wager on different types of sports and competitions around the world. The top betting sites do not just allow you to wager on sports events in Singapore, but any basketball, football, or other types of sports in different countries. We recommend a sportsbook with more sites.

Easy to deposit and withdraw

A sportsbook website can have different features, but you will not enjoy betting on that site if you cannot make a deposit or withdraw your winnings. All the betting sites we recommend offer bettors different ways to deposit money into their online accounts. They also make it easier for you to withdraw your winnings when betting online.

Singapore Sports Betting FAQs

Are online sports betting legal in Singapore?

Sports betting is legal in Singapore, and this has been the case since 1968, after Singapore pools were established. However, online sports betting was recently legalized in 2016. 

Can I open a real money account and place bets in Singapore dollars?

Yes, most of the recommended Singapore betting sites allow you the chance to bet in Singapore dollars. In few cases, you can make deposits ad withdrawals in Singapore dollars.

What is the best sports betting site in Singapore?

No single website is best for all Singapore players. Nevertheless, our top list of the best sports betting sites includes all top sportsbooks in Singapore. Each of these bookies offers a different betting experience, but our sports betting reviews will help you make the right decision on which is great for you.

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