Best Singapore Pools Sports Betting Of 2022

While certain, state-owned bookie makes it appear like sports betting is restricted in Singapore, there is so much to discover. Some of the most exciting international sports betting websites accept Singaporean gamblers. Continue reading our informative review and find some of the most popular betting websites that bettors from Singapore can join and gamble for real money.

Five top betting websites in Singapore

  1. 1xbet
  2. 22bet
  3. Comeon
  4. Interwetten
Sports Betting
Sports Betting

Singapore Pools Versus International Betting

Singapore Pools is a popular bookie among bettors in the country, though the main reason is that it’s run and managed by the Singapore Totalisator Board, which is an arm of the government. Due to this, Singapore Pools is the only bookmaker allowed to offer gambling in the country by the Remote Gambling Act, efficiently creating a state-owned duopoly.

However, most gamblers don’t like participating in these pools. Their games are limited compared to the international websites recommended on our top list. While international betting websites feature hundreds of different games, the Singapore pool only offers bettors football. Besides that, international betting websites provide odds at better prices.

like multiple others, you are searching for online bookmakers in Singapore; you will get various choices, get better value, and be allowed to access numerous features when betting at an international betting website.

Is Sports Betting Legalized In Singapore?

Since 2014, Singapore doesn’t have any regulation or legislation that covers online betting. Although, in that specific year, the lawmakers in Singapore decided to stop addiction in gambling and introduced rules that limited all types of online betting and gambling using the Remote Gambling Act (2014). From that moment, online gambling suddenly became illegal. This makes it very impossible for popular European sports betting sites to enter the Singapore marketplace. Immediately after the Gambling Act was introduced, all the major online gambling operators like William Hill, 888Holdings, and Bet365 decided to return to this marketplace. But some local gamblers still prefer to gamble at the bookies legally allowed to operate in Singapore. Most Singaporean have been heading to these pools to bet on their favorite sports.

Like other regions worldwide, gamblers in Singapore opt for football bets than any other sports, with the biggest majority of 70% of all bets placed. This is followed by badminton, cricket, rugby, basketball, and horse racing. Most of these sports can never enjoy the market share enjoyed by football. With such impressive stats, you could be forced to think that sports betting is the greatest part of the whole Singapore online betting business.

Off late, the government of Singapore seems to be serious concerning the Gambling Act. And any online sports provider that is offering sports betting illegally does it at their own risk.

Currently, Singapore only allows pools to provide online betting products because the gambling act granted them permission. But, as we stated above, Singapore pools don’t have as many options as international betting websites. So, Singapore punters prefer betting at international sites. They are always offered so many options; they are always spoilt for choice. Another thing that punters know is that the more options, the higher the quality of the offered products.

Fortunately, though, there are hundreds of international bookies that accept punters from Singapore. At these bookie sites, Singapore players are guaranteed safety as they are fully controlled and licensed by the world’s most popular regulators. So, punters can make good money at the sites as they can focus without worrying about their safety. One thing that bettors from Singapore should note is that these foreign sites risk accommodating them as gambling isn’t entirely legal. However, the responsibility lies fully upon them.

Do I Require To Pay Taxes For The Winnings I Make?

Because there is no legal framework surrounding online gambling in Singapore, bettors don’t require paying taxes on any winnings they make. As online gambling is illegal in Singapore, bettors don’t have to pay any applicable taxes to the government so that nothing will affect your winnings from foreign betting websites.

Can I bet using Singapore Dollars?

Because of the laws surrounding gambling in Singapore, it’s really hard finding a sportsbook that accepts Singapore dollars. This is something bettors should know before opening a betting account at these bookies that offers products in Singapore, as you may be charged some fees to change the currency, which might be deducted from bettors’ bankroll. Although this shouldn’t scare off gamblers from Singapore as Interwetten, 1xbet and 22bet accept Singapore dollars. At the moment of writing, these international websites were the only legitimate and trustworthy websites available for Singapore bettors and accepted SGD. And that is the main reason why they managed to top on our best list of leading international bookies.

Withdrawals and deposits at international betting websites in Singapore

As we stated above, betting in SGD isn’t broadly available, so the question should be;

How Do We Withdraw And Deposit From International Betting Websites?

Luckily, this is very straightforward. Even if you are utilizing foreign international bookies, which don’t accept SGD, this makes betting withdrawals and deposits pretty clear and straightforward. Even when bettors from Singapore will be required to make conversions, they can still do this simply by using the payment options they can access, such as debit and credit cards, popular e-wallets, and bank transfers.

The most simple to use option is MasterCard or VISA; you can make as many transactions as you want with this option. All that is required of you is inserting your card information. Your deposit will appear in your gambling account almost immediately. Withdrawing using debit and credit cards is very fast. Although credit and debit card withdrawals usually take about 3 to 8 days to reach your account, this depends on the website you are playing at.

On the other hand, for bettors who opt for safety over speed, the ideal option for them is bank transfers. Multiple international betting websites usually accepts bank transfer as an option to deposit and withdraw from the most popular banks in Singapore. While each transaction usually takes many days to become successful, a bank transfer is the safest option available.

Lastly, we have e-wallets. Unluckily, bettors from Singapore won’t be able to utilize services such as Apple Pay or PayPal. Fortunately, both Neteller and skrill are options that Singapore punters can still use. Currently, skrill and Neteller are one of the options that are widely offered by many international betting sites. Meaning that even if punters switch from one betting website to another, they won’t worry about signing up for other payment options. In addition to that, withdrawals and deposits via these methods are pretty fast than even the options we stated above.

Bettors planning to start their gambling journey should begin with sports that attract most punters in Singapore. It might be sports that you have heard your entire life or new favorites, which have gained popularity over the past years;

  • Horse racing
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • eSports

But, one thing that bettors should be aware of is that different sportsbooks work well with different sports. For instance, football fans usually like betting in Interwetten- the international bookie, which sticks to its roots. On the other hand, bettors who love betting on eSports such as Overwatch or League of Legends, 1xbert is the ideal bookie for this, as they have a broader selection of eSports markets and match Singapore gamblers can bet on.

Online Betting Websites In Singapore

Research conducted back in 2017 showed that about 52% out of 3,000 punters who participated said that they been involved in some gambling in the past month. This is a tremendous increase from the previous survey that was conducted before the gambling rule was conducted.

But, as incredible as it may seem, 52% from this survey referred to any gambling, but not entirely online sports betting. Of all the players that gambled in Singapore, 36% preferred Toto while 42% enjoyed the 4-Digits lottery.

On sports betting, data reveals that at least two percent focused on this sector. This appears a bit low than the figures the large bookie’s companies registered before 2014. This percentage might have been greater, but Singapore punters may be cautious concerning their gambling behavior, but will all the rules regarding gambling at remote sites be cautious.

There are two online operators permitted to provide services to Singapore gamblers: Turf Club and Singapore pools. Singapore polls provide their punters the possibility to make online sports bet on Formula 1 and football. The odds provided by Singapore pols are said to be competitive and fair; multiple local gamblers stated that they trust their local sports provider.

The government licenses Singapore Turf Club as the leading betting operator in Singapore. They concentrate on horseracing, a sport that has increasingly gained popularity among gamblers. It has been online since 2016, and it offers a solid customer base, offering multiple different competitions across Singapore.

At this point, you must be familiar with online betting in Singapore though there is one main thing that is left to discuss, and that is, choosing and signing up! Currently, hundreds of international betting sites accept bettors from Singapore, so it’s hard to pick the best. But, to avoid all the confusion, you should choose your best bookie from the ones we recommend at our site, as we review each one and rate them. We also make sure they hold a valid license from the most popular gambling commissions. So, you will be picking bookies that are safe and secure to play at, offering bettors a top-notch experience.

Betting Websites Accepting Singapore Bettors

  1. betway
  2. William hill
  3. 888sport
  4. Betfair
  5. Paddy power
  6. Among others

Frequently Asked Questions Faqs

What is the most popular betting website?

There are many high-quality options available for Singapore bettors. While a bookmaker such as Interwetten and 1xbet requires no introduction, we advise you to navigate through our best list of the best Singapore betting websites to see the sportsbooks that we have picked as the top choices. If you find it hard to choose one that you want to bet on, consider reading our informative reviews on each website offered.

Is online betting in Singapore legal?

In Singapore, online betting has been illegal since the year 2014. But, this hasn’t held back Singapore players from betting; they continue betting at the foreign sites that accept bettors from Singapore. Gamblers from Singapore who opt to gamble despite being illegal do it at their own risk, as if caught, they can be slapped with heavy fines or be imprisoned. Online betting is still popular among Singapore gamblers. For more information about legislation in Singapore, just read through our section on betting regulations and laws in Singapore above.

What payment options can bettors use when gambling in Singapore?

Debit/credit cards and e-wallets are the best choices when gambling in Singapore because bank transfers to betting websites have been blocked. Take a glance at our detailed section on the top betting website options from Singapore; here, we list the popular payment options for Singapore betting websites and the pros and cons of using each one of them.

Can I be allowed to bet online using Singapore Dollars?

Of course, yes. Most betting websites accept Singapore dollars. However, because of the strict gambling laws, it’s very uncommon. Many bettors have contacted us after spending so many hours trying to find the sportsbook that lets punters bet using the Singapore dollars. To save the gamblers the hassle, we compiled a list of the best gambling sites that accepts Singapore dollars. The only thing that is left for you is to pick. But, make sure you choose international betting websites that are licensed under their jurisdictions.

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