Best Singapore Betting Sites For 2022

We probably don’t have to emphasize the fact that Singapore residents love to place bets on sports. The good news is that the environment is conducive, and you have a wide range of options with regards to where you can enjoy great gaming. In this sports betting guide, we have two prime goals – show you the best Singapore sportsbooks and also how you can get started placing real money bets.

Best Singapore Betting Sites
Best Singapore Betting Sites

Reviewing Best Sports Betting Sites And Betting Apps

The main goal of this article is to offer you the clearest view of the sports betting industry in Singapore. We get into more details about the top Singapore online sports betting sites, the factors to consider when looking for the best sportsbooks to join, Singapore betting laws, and much more.

One thing that we haven’t done is listing everything sportsbook sites in Singapore offer to their players. If this is the type of data you’re searching for, then the best Singapore betting site reviews will be of great help to you; today is your day.

Essential Factors For The Best Singapore Online Betting Website

Choosing the best online sportsbook can be very tricky. Following are the important factors you should consider if you’re looking to determine whether the Singapore betting sites are legal.

Singapore Focused Payment Methods

The top real money Singapore sports betting sites are not those that offer bets in the sterling pound or have deposit processors, which work for, bettors outside Singapore. To get any of the available sports betting sites listed on our website, these Singapore betting sites should offer some trusted and high-quality payment processors that work for Singapore players.

Popular payment methods we consider when listing the sports betting sites include check by courier, direct bank transfer, cryptocurrency, debit cards, wire transfer, e-wallet, PayPal, and credit cards.

Broad Coverage Of Singapore Sports

Here is some great news – there is a wide range of sports to consider in Singapore. With broad coverage to wager on different sports is essential when choosing the place to bet on sports in Singapore.

Technically, we search for sports with broad coverage. Our search starts by searching for the more popular sports in Singapore and those that many bettors would be interested in betting on. What are these online sports?

Great Coverage Of The International Sports

We don’t just want the top Singapore betting websites to provide real action on different sports events that take place in Singapore. A sport doesn’t take place on Singapore soil does not mean that we do not want the opportunity to wager on it.

Singapore Focused Customer Support Options

Customer support is vital to the achievement of any sports betting experience. With the best Singapore sports betting sites for real money located outside Singapore, you must take all the right measures to get things done the right way. Following are some of the essential factors we consider when stacking and racking.

  • Customer support representatives fluent in Malay or English
  • The customer support which is available 24/7 
  • Various Singapore friendly choices, including email, telephone, social media and live chat support.

Track Record Serving Singapore Players

Following is the reality. We aren’t against proposing new Singapore online bookies, if they have a reason to count on them and list them on our website. That said, we are going to be big fans of Singapore betting sites that have existed for many years. We don’t want to recommend a sports betting site if we aren’t sure it has properly served Singapore bettors.

Biggest Singapore Betting Bonuses And Promos

As we had promised at the beginning of this Singapore betting guide, we’ll list the biggest sports betting bonuses out there. If you are looking to join the best sports betting sites in Singapore for money, you want to take advantage of the bonuses available out there. The top Singapore sports betting sites offer profitable bonuses and perks to win.

Tips To Maximize Your Betting Bonuses

  • Regularly shop for the best bonuses.
  • Know what wagering requirement means
  • Take enough time to check through the terms and conditions of the bonus.
  • Understand what you can and cannot do while playing with the bonus
  • Get in touch with customer service if you have questions or there are some things you do not understand.
  • Look for bonuses from major sports betting events such as Daytona 500, NBA Finals, and the Superbowl. Not to mention the Singapore pool.

Safety Tips For Singapore Sports Betting

Before you join any of the best offshore Singapore betting sites, it’s important to ensure you’re always safe before you start placing real money bets. However, you don’t have to worry because this is something we’ve taken into consideration. And this section intends to make sure you sign up at the safest sports betting sites. 

It’s essential to be careful when making your final decision. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous operators who are ready to take full advantage of Singapore players, knowing there is little mitigation if you opt to start betting online.


If a betting website is hosted outside Singapore in a country such as Malta, it ought to have a valid license and registered. UK Gambling Commission is a top-rated gaming destination for websites catering to Singapore bettors, so a license from here would be a great start.

Focus on the small details

Unrecognizable software providers, unprofessional customer support, poorly designed website, or poor websites can be the main indications that betting website should be avoided. You should go with the what you feel, and incase you have issues about the betting site, keep of that site.

Trying finding the RTP 

If the betting site offers publishers and games its RTP rates, that’s a great sign. A reputable regulatory body like eCOGRA licenses is pretty good if the site you choose.

Deposit a small amount of money first

If you have doubts about the website, you shouldn’t be tempted by the generous sign-up bonus. You should know that if you upload money into your online account, getting it back won’t be as easy. As a result, you should deposit a smaller amount and try to make a withdrawal. You will soon find out whether the website is legit.

Learn More About The Sportsbook Management

In our detailed reviews, we take more time to consider on management. If a sportsbook is known to rip of gamblers, we’ll tell you. For example, if the bookie rewards superstars, we will make sure you know that as well. The managers behind that website will also tell you what you can expect.

Check out the sportsbook terms and conditions

We understand that reading the sportsbook’s terms and conditions is about as incredible as waiting for the bus. Nevertheless, we recommend skim-reading the least and pay attention to the withdrawal and deposit policies and the terms and service. 

While we don’t scare you! You can still find trustworthy and honest Singapore betting sites. There are frauds out there. We are only giving you an upper hand, so don’t get scammed, mainly if you are a beginner.

How To Wager On Sports In Singapore 

Evaluate the Singapore market

If the Singapore sports bettors traffic the Singapore betting site, line movement will be largely affected by what occurs in Singapore. Ensure if you are trying to estimate how sports betting odds may change that you put the heavy consider the market influencing the numbers.

We think that most of the legal adjustments that will be made about Singapore’s gambling landscape will be in favor of the betting industry. That said, it’s essential that you open your ears and eyes up in case something changes (negative or positive).

Shop for the latest bonuses

A big part of the top Singapore sports betting bonuses is sign-up bonuses. Nevertheless, also, there are reload and special betting bonuses that you might find every once in a while. Ensure you stay updated on the betting bonuses at the bookie you sign up and any profitable bonuses and websites on the industry.

Look for great value chances internationally

If real money Singapore betting sites you are betting on cater mainly to Singapore gamblers; then you can envisage the sportsbooks bonuses won’t be as attractive with regards to sports. This means you can get unique betting chances to get real value on the lines, which have incorrectly been bet by other punters.

Ready to start placing real money bets online

Ready to start placing real money bets? If so, wait no more! The best time to place real money bets is the top Singapore sports betting sites. Betting services are available around the clock. You can head back to the top of this page to find out more about the level of customer support services you can expect from the top sportsbook.


Looking for the best sports betting sites for Singapore players? We’ve listed all the top-rated betting sites for you. You just have to check through and choose one that fits your betting style. We only recommend reputable sportsbook in Singapore.

Singapore Sports Betting FAQ

Still have a few unanswered questions regarding sports betting in Singapore? If so, please get in touch with us or consider checking out some of the most frequently asked questions:

Is it legal for Singapore residents to bet online?

Although there is nothing that says it’s illegal for Singapore punters to place bets online, most of the burden has been placed on the betting site operators, hindering them from knowingly accepting bets from Singapore punters. Also, it puts more pressure on payment processors such as banks not to process betting funds.

Why do many Singapore betting sites accept bitcoin and other cryptos?

Because it isn’t expressly illegal for Singapore punters to bet online, cryptos are allegedly legal to circumvent the restrictions. Banks aren’t really allowed to transact with betting sites, and gambling websites aren’t allowed to accept bets from Singapore punters, but with bitcoin, this transaction is often anonymous. 

Which Singapore sportsbook accepts cryptocurrencies?

This is a commonly asked question, and many Singaporeans use cryptos when betting on sports. You can easily find some Singapore bitcoin betting sites and others bookies that accept litecoins.

What is the safest Singapore betting site?

Every betting site listed on this webpage is 100% secure and safe. Our betting experts have checked these sites out, they all run on licensed and secure connections, and they all have a great history. Pick one of the betting sites, and feel free to do some deep research to find great sites.

Are there any Singapore betting apps?

The mobile aspect of the Singapore sports betting industry has evolved pretty fast. There is no top bookie brand that does not have either a mobile-friendly interface or sports betting app. 

What sportsbook provides the best promotions?

The reputable and safe sportsbook offers our recommended betting promotions. These bookmakers include paddy power, betiton, coral, and bet365; all these bookies provide the best betting promotions.

Which are the best betting promotions?

The best promotion is the offers that suit a punter’s strategy. Therefore, make sure that check the terms and conditions, rewards offered, and available marketplaces.

How do punters qualify for the best betting promotion?

There are many different ways through which punters qualify for the best betting promotion. This might include utilizing a promo code, making a qualifying bet, or just by making a specific bet. Gamblers can also claim the offers themselves.

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